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Model: BCK-P240, BCK-P300
  • Big LCD interface, easy to operate.
  • Bag length can be made according eye marks or setting data.
  • Smart control. The thermal Sealers stay open while machine stops.
  • Batch control, convenient for bulk packing.
  • The bag-pulling motor can work separately without starting the Clutches.
  • Thermal Sealers can be controlled separately, easy for testing.
  • Optional English or Chinese language interface.
  • Data auto saved.
This series sachet machines are designed for packing solid piece products, like tablets, capsules and sweets.
3-sides or 4-sides sealing
3-sides or 4-sides sealing
Metering method
Piece-counting type
Piece-counting type
Metering range
According to size of the actual pieces
According to size of the actual pieces
Packing speed
40-60 bpm
20-60 bpm
Bag size
W(30-120mm) x L(30-155mm)
W(30-150 mm)  x L(30-155mm)
Power supply
1400W, 380V or 220V
1600W, 380Vor 220V
Machine weight
Machine dimension
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