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Freefall type metal detector
Model: BAC-RFF
Standard configuration
5.7 inch color touch screen
99 kinds of products can be stored in memory.
3 kinds of screen language.
Self-learning products.
Data statistics.
Access code restriction.
Self-diagnosis, automatic shutdown on fault condition.
Optional output alarm, easily-connected with other
Sound and light alarm.
Pneumatic rejecting device. (optional)
Performances and characteristics
Optimized sensitivity and stability, superior performance.
Newest anti-interference and anti-vibration design to get
highest sensitivity.
Touch screen display, easier to operate.
Smaller non-metallic area, suitable to install in limited space.
All-stainless steel framework, IP65, in line with the hygiene
Applicable to detect loose powders and granular materials
and gravity flow feed is used.
Technical specifications
Detecting method
Electromagnetic induction
Aperture size
Detecting accuracy
Fe0.6mm, SUS3041.8mm
220VAC 50/60Hz single phase 50W
About 45kg
Note: The actual measurement accuracy varies according to different articles to be detected.
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